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Opinions of Thursday, 11 January 2024

Columnist: Gilbert Addah

A pivotal oversight: Lack of youth representation in Constitution Day public lecture

The writer The writer

I write to express my concern and disappointment regarding the recent Constitution Day Public Lecture organized by One Ghana Movement in collaboration with the University of Professional Studies (UPSA). The chosen topic, "Reflections on Our Democracy: The Constitution, Elections, and the Judiciary," undoubtedly holds immense significance for our nation's future.

While the event boasted four distinguished keynote speakers, it is disheartening to note the conspicuous absence of a young representative among them. In an era where the youth constitute a substantial demographic and their perspectives are crucial for shaping the future of our democracy, this oversight is both unfortunate and shortsighted.

Given that the lecture was sponsored by One Ghana Movement, an organization presumably committed to fostering unity and inclusivity, the absence of a young voice becomes all the more perplexing. The younger generation's unique viewpoints and experiences are vital in enriching discussions on constitutional matters, elections, and the judiciary.

It is imperative that future events of such magnitude prioritize diversity in speaker selection to ensure a holistic examination of the topics at hand. By neglecting to include a young speaker, we risk presenting an incomplete narrative and hindering the full spectrum of insights available.

I trust that this concern will be acknowledged and addressed in the spirit of promoting inclusivity and embracing the diverse perspectives that contribute to the robustness of our democracy.