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Opinions of Saturday, 13 January 2024

Columnist: Prince Ibrahim

Fifi Kwetey’s 31st December Anniversary Speech: Unravelling the true essence

Fifi Kwetey Fifi Kwetey

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) General Secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, delivered an address to party faithful on December 31 during the commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of the 31st December Revolution.

Following the event, various news articles emerged, appearing to misrepresent the entirety of the General Secretary's statement. A careful examination of the full speech provides a more accurate understanding, which contradicts some media reports that incorrectly suggest he accused the NDC of "internal decay" and implied that "the NPP is not the problem, but the NDC."

It is evident that such interpretations distort his actual words and the intended essence of his message. Upon watching the complete recording, it becomes clear that the narrative created significantly deviates from the General Secretary's true intent. Fifi Kwetey delivered his speech with notable enthusiasm and fervor, issuing a potent call to action for the NDC. He reminded the audience of the party's historical and ideological roots, emphasizing the collective responsibility of its members.

The use of the term "decay" in his speech was not meant to cast blame on the NDC but rather served as a metaphor for the broader societal challenges faced by the party as a leading political force in Ghana. It underscored the commitment to address these issues collectively and highlighted the party's dedication to overcoming societal challenges.

Key Highlights and True Meaning of His Speech:

1. A Call for Higher Standards: Fifi Kwetey highlighted a crucial point about the aspirations of the NDC. He emphasized that the party’s ambition extends far beyond being merely an alternative to the NPP. The message was a call for the NDC to establish loftier and more profound objectives. Winning elections, as he pointed out, is merely a pathway and not the ultimate goal. The true purpose lies in enhancing Ghana’s political dialogue and governance. The NDC is dedicated to being more than just a political entity; it envisions itself as a symbol of integrity, discipline, and transformative leadership. This vision transcends the bounds of typical political engagements, focusing instead on a genuine and comprehensive improvement in the lives of all Ghanaians. This approach underlines a commitment to not just lead but to inspire and uplift the entire nation.

2. Internal Transformation Over Political Competition: He also stressed the significance of a deep-rooted transformation within the NDC. He emphasized that the party's journey transcends the pursuit of electoral success.

It's about a fundamental realignment with the NDC's original principles, principles that envision a Ghana characterized by justice, equity, and progressive development. This perspective shifts the focus from mere political rivalry to a more meaningful metric: the strength of our collective character and a steadfast dedication to improving our nation.

Such internal transformation within the NDC is not just an organizational goal but a crucial precursor to the broader goal of national transformation, setting the stage for a Ghana that truly reflects the ideals upon which the party was founded.

3. Moral High Ground in Politics: He passionately urged members of the NDC to embrace a mindset that rises above the conventional political rivalries and competitions. He highlighted the necessity for the NDC to lead as exemplars of moral and ethical politics.

This concept of 'high moral altitude' that he introduced is about establishing new standards in political behavior, emphasizing the importance of discipline, integrity, and strong character as the foundations of political engagement. By adopting such principles, the NDC aims not only to elevate its own standards but also to inspire others in the political arena, contributing significantly to fostering a political environment in Ghana that is both honorable and principled.

4. Beyond Materialistic Pursuits: He strongly denounced the idea that political power should be a means to personal wealth accumulation. He pointed out that this materialistic approach, which has unfortunately become all too common in contemporary politics, stands in stark contrast to the values upheld by the National Democratic Congress (NDC). The NDC firmly believes in prioritizing the welfare of the Ghanaian people, guided by principles of honesty, integrity, and altruism. Political positions, as the General Secretary emphasized, are platforms for public service and societal betterment, not avenues for personal enrichment.
This fundamental belief forms the core of the political philosophy he champions – a politics rooted in serving the needs and aspirations of the populace, embodying the true essence of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

His Commitment to the NDC: Fifi Kwetey, as the General Secretary of the NDC, exemplifies unyielding commitment and showcases fervent passion for guiding the party along a path of high moral standards. His vision for the NDC is deeply rooted in the adherence to the party's core principles, both in governance and in its everyday operations.

This steadfast dedication to the values of the NDC has been a consistent theme in all his advocacy. All his addresses and engagements at party functions consistently call for the NDC to foster character, discipline, and adherence to the principles of probity and accountability.

His messages are clear: the party must be built on a solid foundation of principles and values. This sentiment is not only evident in his formal speeches but also in his "Arise for Ghana" series, where he emphatically preaches the need for discipline and a principled approach to political action.

His Vision for Ghana Under the Next NDC Leadership: Fifi Kwetey has a long-term vision to ensure that the next NDC government, under the leadership of John Dramani Mahama, delivers superior governance. This commitment extends beyond mere promises, emphasizing genuine and truthful governance, and serving the Ghanaian people with humility and integrity.

His aim is to elevate the NDC beyond mediocrity and ensure it provides authentic leadership that truly serves the interests of Ghanaians.
In conclusion, Fifi Kwetey’s speech was a profound reminder of the NDC’s values and mission. As we move forward, let embrace these principles and be committed to building a prosperous Ghana that exemplifies the highest standards of governance and public service.

By: Prince Ibrahim, An ardent follower of Fifi Kwetey