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Opinions of Monday, 6 May 2024

Columnist: Koku Livingstone

Prepaid Electricity: A litigation waiting to happen in Ghana

ECG prepaid meter ECG prepaid meter

In many cases, electricity consumers prepay for their usage, effectively financing the Electric Company of Ghana (ECG) with the expectation of reliable power distribution.

However, this expectation often goes unmet, resulting in inconvenience and financial losses, especially for businesses. Recently, Accra experienced an unannounced and unscheduled power outage, highlighting the systemic issue of unreliable electricity supply.

Beyond the financial damages, ECG's failure to deliver on its service promises reflects a disregard for its clients. The frustrating experience of contacting customer service only to be asked if the power outage is isolated to one's home exemplifies this disconnect.

It's time to hold ECG accountable. When a utility fails to provide the electricity paid for, it breaches its contract with customers and becomes liable. This breach opens the door for potential class action lawsuits, which can provide recourse for a large number of affected individuals and businesses under the law.

Some may question the feasibility of such legal action in Ghana. However, the country is ready to address these issues and ensure progress. While some may take their positions for granted, Ghana, propelled by its determined populace, will continue to move forward. The younger generations are poised to drive positive change and rectify the shortcomings of the present.

This discussion also extends to critical sectors like healthcare, where power outages can have dire consequences. Attorneys should proactively address such tragedies to prevent them from recurring. It's time to examine the broader implications of Ghana's electricity situation and take decisive action to protect its citizens.