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[Last updated 15.04.2013]

From chic city bars to roadside spots, there are places to eat and drink in Ghana to suit every taste and budget, especially in Accra. As night falls the kebab sellers come out, their spicy offerings tickling the nose of hungry passers-by while roadside spots lure in thirsty office workers and tourists with the promise of cold beers and interesting company.

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In the capital city in particular, cuisine is influenced by the presence of burgeoning Lebanese and Chinese communities. As far as capitals go, Accra is increasingly becoming a great place to eat with a diverse offering of many different cuisines from Turkish to Thai. And once you've satisfied your hunger, Ghana offers a vibrant range of nightspots, from roadside bars selling kebabs, beers and local liquor to upscale joints offering cocktails and good times to Accra's hip, happening (and wealthy) crowd.

The restaurants listed below (grouped by cuisine) are all in Greater Accra unless stated otherwise. Restaurants in other regions coming soon!