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Basic Things to buy in preparation of marriage in almost all traditions in Ghana.

Essential Preparations for an Engagement in Ghana: What to Buy. Essential Preparations for an Engagement in Ghana: What to Buy.

Engagement ceremonies in Ghana are significant cultural events filled with tradition, celebration, and symbolism. From exchanging gifts to gathering family and friends, every aspect is carefully planned to honour the couple and their families. One crucial aspect of preparation is the purchase of essential items. This article will explore the basic things you must buy to prepare for an engagement in Ghana.

Brides Items
6pc of Cloth(ntoma)
6pcs of scarf
Jewellery Box
Engagement Bible
Engagement Ring
Bag& Shoes

Mother In-law
6 yards ntoma
1 scarf
1 slippers

Father In-law
12 yards of ntoma
1 footwear.

Crates of soft drinks

some families may also request
Sewing machine
Waist beads

And do not forget your envelopes with cash.

Preparing for an engagement in Ghana involves more than just buying gifts; it’s about embracing cultural traditions, fostering community spirit, and celebrating love and commitment. By selecting the right items and incorporating meaningful elements into the ceremony, you can ensure that the engagement is a memorable and joyous occasion for the couple and their loved ones. Every family is different such as tribes and therefore have different lists, in the northern part some even ask for cows. But these are some basic things required to cut across.

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