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Blakk Rasta's barber shop song is a profane song - Counselor Lutterodt

Blakk Rasta and Counselor Lutterodt Blakk Rasta and Counselor Lutterodt

Famed Ghanaian broadcaster turned Reggae/Kuchoko artist Blakk Rasta recently unveiled a twenty-track album to resounding acclaim.

Two standout tracks, "Sodom & Gomorrah" and "Barber Shop," featuring Jamaican Reggae luminary Anthony B, have quickly captivated audiences, with the latter hailed as a global Reggae sensation paying homage to Jacob 'Killer' Miller.

Amidst a vigorous media blitz promoting the album, Blakk

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Blakk Rasta's barber shop is a profane song - Counselor Lutterodt

Posted by Ebenezer Akandurugo on Sunday, June 9, 2024

Salaga Soljah" is now available on all digital platforms.

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*Blakk Rasta :*
This one is a special livication to the Killer - Jacob 'Killer' Miller.

*Anthony B:*
Yaga Yo!
Natty dreadlocks fi grow
İt fi grow
Blakk Rasta / Anthony B We want the world fi know
Natty dreadlocks fi grow long
It fi grow long
We nah watch no pagan
Tell dem...!

Rastaman don't go Ina barber shop
Rastaman can't sit Ina barber chair
Too much combing combing combing
And trimming trimming trimming
Shaving shaving shaving
And cutting cutting cutting
Bangarang and buguyaga
Carry go and bring come
Too much watching watching watching
No Natty Natty Natty
Coke coke coke
No collie collie collie

*VERSE 1:*
*Blakk Rasta*
I don't know why I will go to Barber Shop
Or even sit Ina likkle barber chair
Ina the shop
Too much cut cut cut
Ina the shop
Too much trimming trimming trimming
I don't like this your shaving shaving shaving
I don't like dem a combing combing combing
Nuff a susu-susu susu
Dem a watching watching watching
Buguyaga man no like no Natty Rastaman


*VERSE 2:*
*Anthony B:*
Me nah siddung ina no barber chair
No barber Bwoy can put dem hand Ina mi hair
Rastaman a sing it loud and clear
Shaving is not a style wey we wear
Nah shave, nah trim Rastaman nah bow
A long time me take mi Nazarene vow
Nah shave, nah trim
Rasta nah bow
A long time me take mi Nazarene vow
So tell Barber Bwoy nah try
Barber Shop is not for I
From you see mi dreadlocks
You can identify
See, man a hail Jah Rastafari
(Wha we say?)


*VERSE 3:*
*Blakk Rasta:*
For so long
I've been carrying my locks
Just like Sampson
It is my power
In just a second
Barber cut it cut it cut it
In just second
Barber trim it trim it trim it
Delilah, ya fi gwey wid the scissors
Delilah, ya fi gwey wid the razor
Delilah aaa.. Delilah... aaa
Backaway Delilah
Backaway Delilah
Yuh full a lie
Yuh too lie, bwoy
Bring back mi locks
Oh Delilah
Bring back mi power
Oh Delilah