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Television of Wednesday, 26 June 2024


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Efia Odo revisits Christian commitment; 'I'm back in Christ'

Efia Odo Efia Odo

Efia Odo, previously estranged from her Christian upbringing, has publicly announced a return to her faith.

Raised in a Christian household, she had drifted away in search of her own spiritual path, feeling empty despite her public persona.

Now, at 31, she boldly reaffirms her belief in Christ, undeterred by critics who accuse her of being brainwashed.

Responding to social media discourse on Christianity's colonial legacy, she shared a photo in modest attire, contrasting with past provocative images.

Criticizing the "Kiki Challenge" for its contradictory messages, Efia Odo advocates for genuine religious devotion over superficial online trends.

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