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I never quit acting - Omar Sheriff Captan

Omar Sherif Captan Omar Sherif Captan

Former silver screen heartthrob Omar Sheriff Captan makes a comeback, refuting rumors of leaving acting behind.

Despite a decade-long absence, Captan remained active in the industry, working behind the scenes as a cameraman.

Captan's decision to step away from acting fueled speculations of a shift towards religious pursuits, but he clarifies that he never ceased his acting career. In an interview, Captan reveals his continued involvement in movies, albeit from a different perspective.

As a cameraman, Captan traveled extensively, contributing to productions in countries like Kenya and Tanzania. Now, he returns to the spotlight, expressing joy at being back in front of the cameras and receiving overwhelming support from fans.

Captan's stint as a cameraman was a strategic move to enhance his versatility in the industry. He sees himself as both a performer and a crew member, ready to adapt to various roles as needed for a production.

With his return, Captan teases fans with anticipation for his upcoming movie, promising an exciting comeback to the big screen.

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