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Entertainment of Tuesday, 11 June 2024


Source: Skynews

'Khaleesi': Emilia Clarke feared she would be fired from Game Of Thrones after brain injury

Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke feared she'd be fired from "Game of Thrones" after suffering a brain bleed in 2011.

Despite keeping it secret, she worried about her capability. A second hemorrhage in 2013 intensified her fears.

Returning to work was daunting due to altered self-perception. She felt pressured to perform, even fearing death on set.

Post-recovery, she and her mom founded SameYou charity, earning MBEs for their efforts.

Clarke highlights the lack of support in rehabilitation services, a focus of their charity.

Her journey reflects the challenges of working with a brain injury, showcasing resilience and advocacy for better care.

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