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Television of Thursday, 16 May 2024



Kwadwo Sheldon opposes tax proposal for content creators

Kwadwo Sheldon Kwadwo Sheldon

Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon has spoken out against a Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) proposal to tax content creators earning foreign income from online activities.

The GRA's 2023 plan targets individuals earning abroad via platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, aiming to enforce Ghana's income tax law.

Sheldon, in an interview with BBC Africa, expressed concerns that such taxation would stunt the growth of the content creation industry, which is still in its developmental phase.

He highlighted the potential impact on creators' earnings, stating that additional taxes would diminish their income, leaving them with significantly less after deductions.

Contrary to misconceptions, Sheldon clarified that content creators do contribute to taxes through various channels, such as brand partnerships and employee payments.

Rather than imposing taxes, Sheldon advocated for the government to negotiate with platforms like Facebook to enable monetization for Ghanaian creators, following examples set by Nigeria and Kenya.

He argued that enabling monetization would incentivize creators to produce more content, ultimately benefiting both creators and the government in the long term.