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Lil Win challenges notion of language fluency as sole indicator of success

Lil Win Lil Win

Actor and comedian Lil Win debunks the belief that English fluency equates to intelligence and success, advocating for talent and hard work instead.

In a recent interview on Accra-based Hitz FM's Daybreak Hitz show, Lil Win stressed that success hinges on talent, not language proficiency.

He urges a shift in mindset, asserting that language skills don't solely determine one's potential.

Despite his struggles with English, Lil Win underscores that talent and dedication pave the path to success.

"English can never buy land, but talent can buy everything," he asserts.

Currently promoting his latest production, "A Country Called Ghana," Lil Win stars alongside a notable cast including Ramsey Nouah, Charles Awurum, Victor Osuagwu, and Paa George.

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