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Only those willing to play the 'fool' stay married - Real Warri Pikin

Real Warri Pikin Real Warri Pikin

Nigerian comedienne and actress, Real Warri Pikin, emphasizes the necessity of embracing the role of the "fool" to sustain a marriage, asserting that it requires mutual sacrifice and effort from both partners.

Expressing her perplexity over people's inability to tolerate each other in marriage while readily forgiving others, she underscores the importance of mutual commitment in making a marriage thrive.

“Marriage is a collaborative effort; both parties must be committed to making it work. It's not about one person carrying the burden alone,” Real Warri Pikin explains, reflecting on her own 11-year marriage journey.

Acknowledging the challenges and rewards of marriage, she describes it as a blend of sweetness, difficulty, exhaustion, and beauty, encapsulating the complexities of life itself.

Real Warri Pikin offers insights into maintaining a successful marriage, emphasizing the need for couples to set aside differences and focus on shared goals while continually learning from each other.

Highlighting the importance of effective communication and mutual respect, she shares personal anecdotes of navigating differences with her husband, Ikechukwu, and the significance of submission in their relationship.

The comedienne stresses the value of a partnership where the husband leads without being controlling, listening to his wife, and recognizing the marriage as a joint endeavor.

Additionally, she advocates for prioritizing spirituality in marriage, citing it as a cornerstone for protection and longevity in the union.

During her visit to Ghana, Real Warri Pikin showcased her support for fellow comedians while entertaining audiences at the 'Laugh it off' comedy show, reinforcing her commitment to spreading joy and laughter.

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