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Music of Sunday, 12 May 2024



Opanka inspired by KODA's courageous music addressing social issues


Rapper and performer Armstrong Affum, known as Opanka, reflects on the impact of the late Gospel musician KODA's music, citing his boldness in addressing social issues as a source of inspiration.

Opanka admires KODA's courage in using music as a platform to highlight societal challenges, prompting him to include KODA's songs in his playlist.

Expressing his admiration, Opanka reveals that he favored KODA's lesser-known tracks, appreciating the depth of his message beyond his popular hits.

KODA's ability to address critical issues and offer advice through his music resonated deeply with Opanka, influencing his own approach to conscious rap.

Despite KODA's passing, Opanka continues to find inspiration in his music, keeping his songs in rotation alongside other gospel tracks in his playlist.

For Opanka, KODA's legacy lives on through his music, serving as a reminder of the power of art to provoke thought and inspire change.

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