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Real Warri Pikin declares comedy as the hardest craft

Real Warri Pikin Real Warri Pikin

Nigerian comedian and actress Real Warri Pikin asserts that comedy stands as the most challenging craft globally, emphasizing its live and unedited nature.

In an exclusive interview with Doreen Avio, she highlighted her journey navigating various entertainment avenues, underscoring the difficulty she faced in mastering comedy compared to other pursuits like hosting events, dancing, and singing.

Real Warri Pikin, also known as Anita Asuoha, elucidated on the male-dominated landscape of the comedy industry, noting the additional hurdles women must overcome to establish themselves, citing the need to work twice as hard to gain recognition.

Acknowledging her own journey of self-discovery and honing her comedic style, she emphasized the necessity for comedians to invest in research and creativity to stand out in a competitive field, urging fellow comedians to adapt jokes to different audiences for greater impact.

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