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‘Real men do not allow their partners keep male besties’ – Actor

Nedu Nedu

Popular actor cum media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, better known as Nedu Wazobia, has declared that a man who permits his wife to maintain a close male friendship does not fit the mold of a “real man.”

He firmly believes that such a scenario should not be acceptable to a man who respects himself.

In a stern warning, Nedu Wazobia advised men against allowing their romantic partners to have close male companions.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Nedu articulated: “A genuine man should never, under any circumstances, let his partner, be it a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife, to keep a male best friend. It’s a boundary that should not be crossed. Trust me, a true man stands by this principle.

“Moreover, it’s unbecoming of a man to engage in conflict with another over a romantic interest. A dignified man steers clear of such altercations. If you happen to chance upon your partner being unfaithful, remember, it’s not the other man who owes you respect. Hence, direct your concerns towards your partner, not the third party.

“Additionally, pursuing someone who shows no interest in you is futile. Refrain from it. It’s neither productive nor beneficial.

“Lastly, a man of principle doesn’t frivolously invest in a partner who doesn’t contribute positively to his life. ‘Value’ here transcends monetary worth; it encompasses mental, spiritual, and emotional support as well.”