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The Best Acne-Fighting Skincare Routine

Acne  Care Treatment Acne Care Treatment

The right skincare routine can fight adult acne and anti-aging issues at the same time. Treating adult acne is a balancing act. You need to use the right products and ingredients to address acne while simultaneously hydrating and protecting your skin barrier. Your skincare strategy to fight breakouts now is not the same as a teenager’s game plan.

Step 1: Wash your face — or just rinse!

Step 2: Apply an acne treatment

Step 3: Apply a lightweight moisturizer with sunscreen

PM ROUTINE Step 1: Cleanse again at night

Step 2: Use an ultralight moisturizer

Step 3: Apply an acne-preventing retinoid

The best way to discern what is causing your breakouts is to check in with your dermatologist by Dermatologist. If you’ve been diligently using a good skincare routine for acne, one that contains a mild cleanser, a retinoid or a salicylic acid product, or both, and you’re still breaking out, then a dermatologist can prescribe a topical or oral medication that can help. There are many new FDA-approved topical and oral medications for treating moderate to severe acne. Leave a comment if this was helpful.

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