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Xlimkid explains why many perceive his sound resembles Black Sherif's

Xlimkid Xlimkid

Ghanaian rising star Xlimkid, born Henry Boakye, has addressed the prevalent comparison between his musical style and that of the popular hip-hop artist Black Sherif, shedding light on the cultural influences shaping their sounds.

"People have to understand that we have the same culture, so Black Sherif is from Konongo, and I'm from Kumasi, and we are all Ghanaians," Xlimkid remarked during an interview with

Xlimkid, who recently received two nominations at the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA), clarified that while he's not deliberately imitating Black Sherif, he acknowledges the public's perception.

Speaking on Cape Coast's Property FM, Xlimkid stated, "Naaa I'm not mimicking Black Sherif, but I really understand because it is a public opinion and you have to take it whether you like it or not."

He further elaborated on the nature of musical eras, drawing parallels with iconic periods in international music history such as the Lil Wayne era and the 50 Cent era, highlighting how each era brings its unique style and influence.

Xlimkid emphasized the significance of cultural context, noting that every era carries a distinct style that resonates with the craft and extends its influence to fashion and upcoming talents.

"It's like that, and people have to understand that we have the same culture and the same language, and we are all trying to speak English, so this is the era for that," he concluded in an interview with Amansan Krakye.