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Your first salary is for your father, not pastor - Kanayo O. Kanayo advises son

Kanayo O. Kanayo with his son Kanayo O. Kanayo with his son

Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo celebrates his son, Clinton’s, debut earnings from his film endeavors, emphasizing the importance of paternal blessings.

Recently, the renowned Nollywood figure marked a significant milestone for his son Clinton Mbaise, who stepped into filmmaking, honoring African traditions along the way.

In a shared video, Kanayo introduced Clinton to his team at Simpliciter Associates Productions, where Clinton served as an assistant production manager and personal aide.

Accepting Clinton’s first earnings in Nollywood, Kanayo encouraged others to seek their fathers' blessings with their initial paycheck, rather than seeking blessings from pastors.

Kanayo highlighted the significance of parental blessings, underscoring that the amount a parent accepts from their child’s earnings is a personal choice.

Emphasizing the cultural practice, Kanayo expressed the importance of financial management teachings from fathers, suggesting it as a more valuable practice than seeking blessings from pastors.