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Regional News of Wednesday, 15 May 2024



Dunkwahene expresses frustration over illegal mining's toll on Offin river

Illegal mining effects on our water bodies Illegal mining effects on our water bodies

The Dunkwahene, Okoforobour Obeng Nuako III, has voiced his dismay regarding the continuous illegal mining activities polluting the Offin River, a once-vital water source and economic lifeline for Dunkwa-on-Offin residents.

Despite efforts to curb these activities, the Dunkwahene expressed frustration over the persistent environmental degradation and negative impacts on local livelihoods.

In an interview with Adom News, the Dunkwahene highlighted the sluggish pace of court proceedings following the arrests of illegal mining suspects, urging for swift and thorough investigations to hold perpetrators accountable.

Emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the Offin River for future generations, the chief called for a shift in mindset among Ghanaians to prioritize national development, advocating for values such as hard work, discipline, and patriotism.

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