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General News of Thursday, 16 May 2024



Former Minister opens up about ridicule over using old car

Abubakari Abdallah Abubakari Abdallah

Former Northern Regional Minister, Abubakari Abdallah, has revealed the challenges he faced from his community after leaving office and continuing to use an old car model.

Abdallah recounted being ridiculed and labeled as "useless" by some community members for not engaging in corrupt practices to afford a lavish lifestyle after serving in government for less than nine months.

Before his ministerial appointment, he worked as a programs director at IBIS, enabling him to afford a 2005 model Highlander, which he continued to use throughout his tenure.

Despite leaving office after the 2016 elections, Abdallah chose to stick with his old car rather than purchasing a new one, a decision met with scorn by some in his Walewale community who viewed it as a symbol of failure.

To Abdallah, success is not measured by material wealth or extravagance but by the impact made during his term of office and maintaining integrity amidst societal pressures.

He advocates for a societal shift towards valuing integrity and honesty over material possessions, emphasizing the importance of instilling these values in future generations.

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