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General News of Sunday, 12 May 2024



Former NMC chairman advocates for media standards to promote ethical journalism

Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng

Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng, former Chairman of the National Media Commission (NMC), had emphasized the importance of media houses adhering to high standards to promote responsible and ethical journalism.

In a recent interview on JoyNews’ Change Speaker Series VII, Apenteng stressed the necessity for media organizations to uphold rigorous standards, even amidst differing ideological and political interests. He argued that while media outlets may have distinct political leanings, there should be overarching standards established by regulatory bodies.

During the interview, he underscored the significance of setting standards not only for media organizations but also for individual journalists committed to upholding ethical principles. Apenteng highlighted the need to differentiate between news, opinion, and commentary, suggesting that clear standards would help in this regard.

He emphasized that establishing standards for news reporting, which prioritize values like accuracy and impartiality, would enable a clearer distinction between factual reporting and opinion-based content. Using the analogy of sports reporting, he explained how consistent standards ensure uniformity in reporting across different perspectives.

Apenteng proposed specialized training for journalists, particularly in election reporting, to ensure a more informed and objective coverage of political events. He suggested that trained election reporting specialists could play a crucial role in promoting peace and fairness in media coverage during electoral periods.

The former NMC Chairman's remarks underscored the importance of maintaining integrity and professionalism in journalism, highlighting the pivotal role of media in shaping public discourse and maintaining democratic values.