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General News of Sunday, 12 May 2024



Ministry of Education refutes claims of Ghana's low secondary education ranking

Ministry of Education Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has responded to claims suggesting that Ghana's secondary education system ranks 137th out of 167 countries, dismissing these assertions as inaccurate and deceptive. This reaction comes in light of the latest Legatum Prosperity Index on secondary education.

In a released statement, the MoE clarified that the Legatum Prosperity Index evaluates countries based on a comprehensive framework designed to assess efforts aimed at enhancing residents' well-being. However, it does not directly measure secondary education as a component of this metric.

According to the MoE, the Index considers various factors such as economic quality, governance, social capital, investment environment, enterprise conditions, infrastructure, market access, living conditions, health, and education across different levels. Nonetheless, secondary education is not explicitly assessed within its parameters.

The Ministry emphasized that the assertion of Ghana ranking 137th out of 167 countries in secondary education within this framework is inaccurate and misleading. Instead, the most recent report from 2023 positions Ghana at 98th out of 176 countries, demonstrating a notable improvement from its 2013 ranking of 101.

Contrary to the misleading report, the MoE highlighted that Ghana's overall prosperity has been on an upward trajectory, indicating positive advancements across multiple sectors, including education.

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