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Politics of Wednesday, 15 May 2024



NDC inciting mob mentality ahead of elections, says Richard Ahiagbah

Richard Ahiagbah Richard Ahiagbah

The director of communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Ahiagbah, says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is fostering a culture of panic and mob mentality across Ghana ahead of the upcoming December elections.

Speaking on the Big Bulletin on Asaase 99.5, Ahiagbah highlighted concerns over what the NPP perceives as efforts by the NDC to undermine the Electoral Commission‘s (EC) credibility and sow doubt in the minds of the electorate.

“The NDC is creating this mob mentality across the country,” the director of communications stated.

“They are all the time creating panic, trying to stampede the EC into becoming unsure of itself, whether or not they are doing the right thing.”

Ahiagbah expressed dismay at what he described as a concerted effort by the NDC to discredit the EC through constant allegations and negative publicity.

“To say that the EC is not doing something right by consistently shouting at it and making allegations at it and making sure that people believe constantly their negative publications about the EC to be the fact,” he said.

According to the NPP, the NDC’s strategy aims to benefit from the state of panic they are allegedly trying to create within the EC.
“By that, they can benefit from it. And I think that is most unfortunate,” the director of communications lamented.

Furthermore, the NPP emphasised the importance of upholding democratic processes and urged Ghanaians not to be swayed by tactics that could incite violence.

“Otherwise, it’s just a simple process of people who can disturb if you’re a Ghanaian and let your name be in the register so you can express yourself in selecting who you want to be your president and your MP.”

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